Field Ready Friday

Welcome To Field Ready Friday



This is your Check in.

The Main Question is…

What are you planning to do this weekend to prepare for hunting season?

Do you honestly have anything planned? If not this weekend, then have you already done something earlier this week?

Here are some of the things you may have done or you may be able to add to your schedule for this weekend to begin preparing for a successful hunting season.

  • Have you been shooting regularly?
  • Have you been preparing and testing your gear?
  • Have you made time to get out and do any scouting?
  • Have you setup any game cameras and if so, have you been checking them regularly?
  • Have you been practicing your calling?
  • Have you spent any time making sure you’re physically ready for your hunt?

You may be thinking…”I don’t need to do all of that yet. I still have 90 days or 120 days or more before opening day.”

Truth is, if you have an early archery tag you may have less than that and if you have a late season tag you may have slightly more.

When it comes right down to it, you could hold off on getting prepared until closer to the start of your season. It may not make a bit of difference.

Then again…it may make all the difference in the world.


I’ve hunted my entire life and there have been many times that my success or failure hinged on one key moment of the hunt. I either made the right move and happily brought home the trophy I was after or I didn’t.

If you’ve hunted long enough then you know that there are many factors that are completely out of our control as the hunter.

That being said…there are a lot of things that you can influence and to a certain extent, control during your hunt and most of these happen before the hunt actually ever begins.

That’s where Field Ready Friday (#FieldReadyFriday) comes in.

The goal is to consistently do things each week to improve your odds come hunting season.

Some weeks there will be challenges…other weeks there will simply be recommendations or stories of what I’m personally doing to prepare.

The only thing that is certain is that if you regularly check in each week, use the assessment tools provided, and leave feedback and ask questions in the comments then you will be better prepared when hunting season arrives.

As Always…Share Your Sportsman’s Truth & Legacy with Pride.


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