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My name is Slim. This is my story and why I created TheSportsmansTruth.com

I was born and raised into hunting and fishing, literally. My parents owned and operated an outfitting business while I was growing up. Some of my very first memories were of fishing and hunting trips with my dad.

I remember being out at one of the sloughs in our valley before I was three and reeling in bullhead catfish as fast as I could, dragging them up onto the bank and then moving to the next pole to reel the next one in for what seemed liked hours while my dad took them off the hook and put the pole back out.

I also remember my dad getting into a little trouble when my mom found out that I’d been with him at a bear tree in a deep canyon called Hell Hole when I was three.

My childhood is filled with outstanding memories like those and it truly shaped who I am today.

I also grew up living off of wild game. We had a ranch and my grandparents raised cattle right next to us, but we only ate venison and elk steak. You would have been hard pressed to even find a beef steak in any of our freezers.

During the spring and summer my brother and I would disappear for hours while we would fish the streams on the ranch for rainbow and brook trout.

Every year we would get our teachers to give us all of our homework and assignments and take the month of October off from school so that we could go to the Wilderness area with our parents for Elk Camp.

I grew up in the country and in the wilderness and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now I’ve taken that love for the outdoors, hunting and fishing and put it to good use for you. There are a lot of things out there on the good ol’ internet that are just plain wrong. There are a lot of people who are giving advice on things that they’ve only read about. There’s a world of  misinformation out there and what you really want is the truth…isn’t it?

What I know about all of this is what I’ve learned over a lifetime of hunting and fishing. The things I’ve learned have come largely from my dad who is a world class guide who’s guided thousands of hunters from all over the world.

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